With Mirror Screen technology, your smartphone's compatible functions and apps can be used on your PEUGEOT's touch-screen. Now you can keep your eyes on the road.

Mirror Screen in detail

Stay connected and drive safely

With Mirror Screen, keep your favourite applications with you all day, even during your car journeys!

With Mirror Screen, your car's touch-screen displays your apps the way your phone does.
This makes your apps more visible than on your original screen, and allows you to interact with them safely using voice or finger controls: play web radio or dictate an SMS (or have one read to you) without taking your eyes off the road!

Use Mirror Screen safely


Apple CarPlay™

If you use an iPhone, Apple CarPlay™ is an intuitive way of making calls, using Maps, listening to music and checking messages, using your voice or your finger.

Without taking your eyes off the road, activate Siri voice recognition on your car's touch-screen or by holding down the voice control button under the steering wheel.

Siri will allow you to access your contacts, make calls, and listen to and dictate your messages without looking at your iPhone.

Thanks to the simplicity of the Maps app, Apple CarPlay gives you directions during your journey that take account of traffic conditions, and will tell your your arrival time. You can also dictate a destination address to Siri.

With Apple CarPlay you can also use some audio apps like Spotify and Stitcher while driving.


Android Auto

To use Android Auto™, you need to have a car or a car radio installed after purchase which are compatible with Android Auto™, and a phone running Android version 5.0 (Lollipop) or later.

First download the Android Auto app to your smartphone from the Google Play store.

When you connect your Android phone to the compatible car or car radio, your applications will be displayed on the car's screen thanks to Android Auto™. To find out more about Android Auto™ compatibility, go to support.google.com/androidauto.

A few words are enough. Control everything quickly and easily using your voice, thanks to advanced voice technology (requires an internet connection). Make calls and send or receive message while keeping your hands on the wheel.

Let Google Maps™ guide you. Thanks to features like turn-by-turn voice navigation, information on traffic conditions and street direction arrows, you will reach your destination very easily.



MirrorLink® allows you to use the applications** installed on your smartphone* easily and safely on your car's screen, via an interface designed for use while driving:
navigation, driving aids, music, telephone, etc.

The apps run on your smartphone, but are displayed on your car’s screen, and you hear the sounds on your car’s on-board audio system.

This gives you access to a whole host of applications you use every day, in a format designed for use while driving, so you can interact with them more safely.

* if compatible
** if application is compatible

Get more information on Mirror Screen

If you would like more information on Mirror Screen, it has its own page in the FAQ.

The devices compatible with Mirror Screen

Apple CarPlay ™

(Smartphones with iOS 9.0+ required)

iPhone 5
iPhone 5c
iPhone 5+
iPhone 5s
iPhone 5SE

iPhone 6
iPhone 6+
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6SE

iPhone 7

Android Auto

(Smartphones with Android 5.0+ required)

MirrorLink ®

(Smartphones with Android 4.3+ required)

  • MirrorLink 1.0


Galaxy S3
Galaxy Note 2

(Smartphones with Android 5.0+ required)

  • MirrorLink 1.1


Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S5,
Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy Note 6,
Galaxy Alpha, A3 2016, A7, S7 and S7 Edge


HTC One (M9+),
HTC One (M9),
HTC One (M8),
HTC Eye,
HTC 820.


Z5 Compact
Z5 Dual
Z5 Premium Dual

  • MirrorLink 1.2

Available soon