The 308 GT draws on the full experience and expertise of the PEUGEOT brand to ensure first-rate road handling and maximum safety.



To help you enjoy its distinctive personality to the full, the new GT offers a large number of driver assistance features.

Using a built-in radar at the front of the vehicle, the Driver Assistance Packi features three elements:
• Dynamic Cruise Control: automatically regulates and adjusts your speed, taking into account the speed of the vehicle in front. This dynamic function can be switched on and off by the driver.
• Emergency Collision Alert: provides visual and audio signals warning the driver to brake in order to avoid a collision.
• Emergency Collision Braking System: activates the brakes in advance to avoid a collision or to lessen the consequences.

The blind spot check systemi features a luminous diode built into the glass of each wing mirror. This lights up to warn the driver if another vehicle enters the blind spot.

Park Assisti is a dynamic parking aid that helps with parallel parking or when reversing into parking bays.



A high-performance car like the 308 GT calls for a reliable, efficient braking system that gives the driver easy control over the level of braking and is suitably temperature resistant. The key elements of this system are:

• Bosch 9CE central unit distributing braking effort between the four discs.
• Front discs 330 mm in diameter and 30 mm thick, gripped by floating calipers with 60 mm pistons.
• Rear discs 268 mm in diameter on the 308 GT/290 mm in diameter on the 308 SW GT.
• Switchable ESP on the GT 180 and the GT 205.



Despite their weight reduction, studies have shown that the structures of the 308 GT and the 308 SW GT successfully absorb the maximum possible amount of energy from the various potential types of impact, thereby minimising their consequences for the occupants, for the vehicles and for any other affected individuals.



The 308 GT comes with 6 airbags:

• 2 front airbags, providing head and thorax protection for the driver and front passenger in the event of a frontal impact.
• 2 front side airbags, protecting the driver and front passenger in the event of a side impact.
• 2 front and rear curtain airbags, providing head protection for the front and rear occupants.