The PEUGEOT 308 GT and 308 SW GT both feature a host of high-tech equipment, designed to deliver increased pleasure and comfort and to assist and enhance the driving experience - adding extra value to each moment spent on board.



The GT 180 comes with the EAT6 automatic gearbox, designed and developed in collaboration with Aisin AW. It uses Quickshift technology for rapid multiple gear changes.

Moreover, its energy efficiency is almost the same as that of a manual gearbox, thanks to a reduction in internal friction and the use of lockable torque converters whenever needed to avoid transmission slip.

This means the difference in emissions between manual and automatic has now been reduced to 5 g/km (iso mounted tires) - putting the EAT6 in an exceptionally favourable position in terms of both driver enjoyment and fuel consumption.




Specifications of the four-cylinder 1.6L THP 205 S&Si petrol engine:

• Twin-scroll turbocharger for first-rate performance and responses from very low engine speeds.
• Direct petrol injection, delivering efficient combustion strategies.
• Variable valve lift on inlet, coupled with camshaft phasing unit on both inlet and exhausti.
• Stop & Start keeps fuel consumption and CO2 emissions under control while making urban driving more comfortable and convenient.



Specifications of the four-cylinder 2.0L BlueHDi 180 diesel engine:

• Third generation common rail fuel system, delivering pressure of up to 2,000 bars.
• New combustion chamber optimising the mixture of air and fuel, delivered by 7-hole injectors.
• Compression ratio raised to 16.7:1, boosting the overall engine efficiency.
• Very low viscosity engine oil, type 0W15.
• Reduction in thickness of wall casings, leading to a weight saving of 7kg.
• Thanks to precise management, engine ancillaries are now used only when absolutely necessary.



For maximum pleasure, the 308 GT has a specially adjusted chassis and high-performance engines that comply with the Euro 6 norms. The Peugeot engineers have drawn on the brand's full range of expertise to achieve an effective power-to-weight ratio, thereby ensuring superb sensations and optimum control.



The 308 GT is designed to provide top-notch driving performance. One key factor here is a unique wheelbase that makes this model more accurate and technologically advanced than ever before.

The wheelbase of the 308 GT has the following characteristics:

• Specially adjusted running geari, with specific settings to suit the engines and the spirit of the car.
Precision driving that adapts to every kind of road.
• Secure responses without any unwanted understeering or oversteering.
Passive shock absorbers with new rules of effort/speed, fitted with a hydraulic bump stop to deliver a quiet ride.
• The front and rear running gear has been stiffened by 10 to 20%i to ensure prompt and exceptionally responsive driving.
Variable electric power steering, for instinctive positioning of the ultra high grip Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tyres.



Driving pleasure is further enhanced by the Driver Sport Packi. Easily activated by pressing the Sport button on the centre console, this feature delivers extra thrills and enjoyment for sports car lovers everywhere by modifying the following parameters:

• Digitally amplified engine note.
• Instrument panel display turns red.
• Instrument panel displays available power and torque, turbo pressure and longitudinal and lateral acceleration.
• Power steering and improved responses from accelerator pedal.
• Improved responses from the EAT6 gearbox, with paddles on the steering wheel.



The lighting signature combines modern aesthetic design with technical innovation. With 31 LEDs apiece, the full LED headlampsi enhance the sophisticated stylings of the chrome radiator grill, giving the 308 GT a captivating feline allure.



The glass panoramic roofi allows extra light into the cabin, adding to the enjoyment and well-being of driver and passengers alike while filtering out 99% of all UV rays and 85% of all direct sunlighti.
And to brighten up your day even further, the sunroof also features a special Anthracite-tinted sunshade capable of filtering out 95% of all natural daylight.



The big 9.7" multifunction touchscreen brings the PEUGEOT 308 GT firmly into the age of cutting-edge connectivity and digital technology. The high resolution touchscreen offers a wide range of unique features, using different connectivity options to allow users to operate the car's multimedia, navigation and telephone functions.

For safety reasons, the touchscreen should only be used when the vehicle is stationary.


To help you navigate, the intuitive data inputting system makes it easy for you to consult maps in a large format and plan out your journeyi.

For safety reasons, the touchscreen should only be used when the vehicle is stationary.